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Who the Hell is Rachel Wells?

stories by J.R. Greenwell

Full of snappy and sharp Southern characters, Who the Hell is Rachel Wells? by J.R. Greenwell is a debut collection of clever, big-hearted tales of spunky souls and damaged hearts. Both serious and silly, bittersweet and joyous, these unique eleven short stories introduce a wise and wonderful new author.

“J.R. Greenwell does a lovely job of relaying the comic as well as tragicomic aspects of the over-the-top dramatic world of drag queens, and he nails it exactly.”

Felice Picano, author of 20th Century Un-limited and True Stories


Who the Hell is Rachel Wells?


…Ermina and Dante, two fierce drag queens who teach a runaway teenager to sashay like RuPaul

…Anna Folanna, a one-time burlesque star held hostage wearing men’s boxer shorts

…David Stoner, who still regrets his mother tossing away his collection of Barbie dolls

…Victor, a campus professor haunted by a funky jockstrap

…Greg and Erica, a normal suburban couple who inherit an unusual chair formerly owned by Paul Lynde

…and Daphne, the almost-winning drag queen whose ultimate goal is to emerge from the waves of Daytona Beach like Ursula Andress

but who the hell is Rachel Wells?


Praise for Who the Hell is Rachel Wells?

“It’s impossible to resist the adorable appeal of the collective world Greenwell has created on page, populated with larger-than-life characters who are each worthy of a novel of their own. He has crafted a memorable collection of short stories that will certainly establish him as a powerful new voice in Southern literature.”

—David-Matthew Barnes, Lambda Literary

“Winning, witty, and wise. Greenwell has a talent for creating immediately recognizable yet slightly weird around the edges characters, and he puts them through some wonderfully silly paces as well as some heartbreaking ones. His prose is admirably restrained, conveying a great deal yet never sounding overwritten. But it’s his characters that shine and sparkle like sequins in the spotlight. If you’re looking for a light read that has some substance behind its humor, you’ll hardly go wrong with this collection.”

Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Eleven clever and engaging stories based in small Southern towns, some sweet and emotional, most amusing and often full of campy bitchiness! The stories are character-driven, with a diverse cast that includes drag queens with attitudes to reckon with, clueless parents trying to deal with their “fabulous” kids, criminals without a lick of common sense, and men “coming out” late in life. This is a home run for this first-time talented author, and a Southern-fried treat for his readers. Five stars out of five!”

—Bob Lind, Echo

“A slew of bizarre stories, some hilarious, some heartrending, and almost all of them as original as an Ionesco play with a good dose of David Lynch trompe l’oeil thrown in. Today’s gay literature needs more voices from Greenwell’s South, and here’s hoping Who the Hell is Rachel Wells? has called them out of the wilderness.”

Kyle Thomas Smith, Edge

“If you haven't picked up a copy of Who the Hell is Rachel Wells? yet, then allow me to tell you that you should.”

—’Nathan Burgoine, reviewer and author of Light

Who the Hell is Rachel Wells? is a collection of eleven short stories about being gay in the South and I loved each of them... Greenwell gives us a wonderful cast of characters with heart and we laugh and cry with them. Written with wit and emotion, we are taken into the world of Southern drag queens and feel what they feel as they navigate life.”

—Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen


About the author


In the 1970’s, J.R. Greenwell was a premiere headliner for many years at the Sweet Gum Head in Atlanta, GA, and performed as a female illusionist across the country. He later earned a Masters of Education at the University of Louisville, and now devotes his time as a queer writer creating plays and prose at his home in central Kentucky.


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Also by J.R. Greenwell:  In a Whirl of Delusion