Chatham Junction Studio

art by Jameson Currier


Chatham Junction Studio serves as the curator for the original art created by Jameson Currier.





In the Country: Art by Jameson Currier is an ongoing project of curating and presenting the original art of Jameson Currier inspired by the artist's residence in the Hudson Valley.  Click the image  below to view the current edition of the catalog.




Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, five collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

Also by Jameson Currier from Chelsea Station Editions: A Gathering Storm; Dancing on the Moon; Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex; Still Dancing; The Forever Marathon; The Haunted Heart and Other Tales; The Third Buddha; The Wolf at the Door; Until My Heart Stops; What Comes Around; Where the Rainbow Ends and Why Didn't Someone Warn You About Prince Charming?

Paul's Cat, an illustrated tale by Jameson Currier, is also available from Chelsea Station Editions.

And enjoy the animated film of Mr. Darcy's Pride,

narrated and illustrated by Jameson Currier